An app for each Personal Weather Station – Una app para cada Estación Meteorológica Personal

I have a … indoor outdoor App Store
… WH2600 FOSHK or clone (WS-1400-IP Ambient Weather) myPWS Google Play iTunnes
… HP1000/2000 FOSHK or clone (WS-1001-WIFI Ambient Weather)
app2000 Google Play iTunnes
 … PWS (FOSHK WH-1080/2080/3080, … ) + Meteobridge (AWEKAS or WU) ¿Ambient Weather Airbridge?
myMeteobridge Google Play iTunnes
… AWEKAS PWS mobAWEKAS Google Play iTunnes

PWS monitoring

PWS monitoringIf you have any FOSHK Personal Weather Station (WP2600-IP Observer Weather, HP1000, HP2000) your can find a monitoring software (app2000, myPWS, browser, EasyweatherIP, Wunderground)  for each device / enviroment (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac,  WEB).

Ambient Weather, Conrad – Renkforce, Froggit, Aercus Instruments, Watson, Weather Ranger, Maplin , … distribute – sale the FOSHK PSW models.

app2000 : Your PWS in your pocket.

Now, Sonotrigger Software release «app2000», a free app, no-ads, for Android (Google Play) and  iOS Apple (iTunes).

The app2000, display the Personal Weather Station  HP2000- HP1000  by FOSHK information in your mobile device (tablet or phone; wifi or data). The app run indoor with direct wifi link to your PSW  (similar a EasyweatherIP) and outdoor with Wunderground data conexion (4G, …)..

app2000 a PWS app

A display app for you HP2000 by FOSHK or clon

HP2000 by FOSHK is export by MISOL IMPORT & EXPORT with product number WS-HP2K-1.

Maybe this app work fine with clons models:

Can you test it?

We appreciate any feedback you have after you evaluate our software.