Sonotrigger Software Weather World

Sonotriger Sofware Weather World

We have for test our apps (mobAWEKAS, myMeteobridge, myPWS and app2000):   a WH2600 FOSHK PWS, a HP1000 / HP2000 FOSHK PWS and a D-LINK device with Meteobridge software. We work with AWEKAS (MALVA-ROSA – 13402) and Weather Underground Weathers Networks (ICOMUNID250, ICOMUNID342 «Goldstar Station» and ICOMUNID345 «Goldstar Station»).

An app for each Personal Weather Station – Una app para cada Estación Meteorológica Personal

I have a … indoor outdoor App Store
… WH2600 FOSHK or clone (WS-1400-IP Ambient Weather) myPWS Google Play iTunnes
… HP1000/2000 FOSHK or clone (WS-1001-WIFI Ambient Weather)
app2000 Google Play iTunnes
 … PWS (FOSHK WH-1080/2080/3080, … ) + Meteobridge (AWEKAS or WU) ¿Ambient Weather Airbridge?
myMeteobridge Google Play iTunnes
… AWEKAS PWS mobAWEKAS Google Play iTunnes

New WH2600 firmware

Renkforce – Conrad  release a new universal WH2600 firmware v 2.1.9 , it’s work fine.

Pantalla Weather Logger 2.1

Pantalla Weather Logger 2.1 by FOSHK

For upload de bin file to IP-Observer (The WH2600 gateway), your need a TFTP client  (i.e. IPTOOL, your can download  here for Windows  or Mac) and HOW-TO-UPDATE info.

Ambient Weather has firmware for yours WH2600 clones, also.

Termometro del Palacio de la Bolsa de Oporto (Portugal)

Termometro del Palacio de la Bolsa de Oporto (Portugal)

myPWS is a Sonotrigger Software app for display WH2600 and clones anytime, anywhere.