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We have for test our apps (mobAWEKAS, myMeteobridge, myPWS and app2000):   a WH2600 FOSHK PWS, a HP1000 / HP2000 FOSHK PWS and a D-LINK device with Meteobridge software. We work with AWEKAS (MALVA-ROSA – 13402) and Weather Underground Weathers Networks (ICOMUNID250, ICOMUNID342 “Goldstar Station” and ICOMUNID345 “Goldstar Station”).

An app for each Personal Weather Station – Una app para cada Estación Meteorológica Personal

I have a … indoor outdoor App Store
… WH2600 FOSHK or clone (WS-1400-IP Ambient Weather) myPWS Google Play iTunnes
… HP1000/2000 FOSHK or clone (WS-1001-WIFI Ambient Weather)
app2000 Google Play iTunnes
 … PWS (FOSHK WH-1080/2080/3080, … ) + Meteobridge (AWEKAS or WU) ¿Ambient Weather Airbridge?
myMeteobridge Google Play iTunnes
… AWEKAS PWS mobAWEKAS Google Play iTunnes

myMeteobridge new version available

Now, the myMeteobridge support Wunderground and AWEKAS Weather Networks.

AWEKAS is a Automatic Weather Map System with 3692 stations online.

Meteobridge support AWEKAS and now myMeteobridge too.

New version fix other problems: windirection error, …

Maybe, Meteobridge work with Ambient Weather WR-333, WR-334 and Ambient Weather AirBridge, AWEKAS Bridge, weatherBoxx easy by

AWEKAS LOGOmyMeteobridge es una app que permite monitorizar directamente, tanto en Android como en iOS (en breve),  el dispositivo Meteobridge , que es capaz de obtener datos meteorológicos de practicamente todas las estaciones meteorológicas personales (PWS soportadas). Fuera de la red local WiFi los datos de nuestra estación meteorológica se obtienen bien de la red Wunderground o de la red AWEKAS dependiendo de nuestra configuración en Meteobridge.

myMeteobridge: your Metrobridge mobile

myMeteobridge is a Personal Weather Stations (PWS) Monitor based on the popular solution Meteobridge for display meteo data anywhere, anytime, in your mobiledevice (iOS or Android)

The Meteobridge software is distributed by Meteobridge, and you can buy a ready-to-go Meteobridge device in AmbientWeather as “WeatherBridge” ,…

This app has been tested and work fine with HW(TP-LINK TL-MR3020) + SW (Meteobridge 2.9, build 9941, FW 1.4)

myMeteobridge Scheme

myMeteobridge Scheme

The app access to Meteobridge with local network, when available, and together with the data from the external sensor (Outdoor) shows the internal sensor (Indoor), and otherwise access the Internet server Wunderground  where with increased latency and containing only the data from the external sensor.