Wadvisoo: Wunderground vs Dark Sky

Weather forecasting is a great value information, thus there are lots of paid services that provide it.

Weather forecast web services.

Wunderground (Owner of Weather Channel) feeds from thousands of weather stations all around the world, both personal and professional, as well as punctual service users observations. It also receives information the Weather Bug sevice. In the other hand, Dark Sky (forecast.io) uses information from the NOAA (US weather forecast services) same as APIXU. There are also others like Meteogroup, IBM Bluemix, Accuweather, ARERIS, OPEN WHEATHER MAP, …

Logically, not all services are equal, because independently on how much they charge per service, the servers availability and the API, all of them important, there are many other variables which are difficult to know such as the information source and the forecast models. Thus, the question is ¿Which is the service that provides the most accurate forecast? … or that actually maters …. ¿Which service provides the most accurate forecast in the place I am? … That is the answer that Wadvisor aims to answer. (This same scientific goal has the Forecast Advisor website, which compares the accuracy of weather forecast from the several US services with the actual forecast information).

Accuracy in the forecasts done for Piedmont, CA (US) from Forecast Advisor.

Accuracy in the forecasts done for Piedmont, CA (US) from Forecast Advisor.

Wunderground vs Darksky

Comparing the daily weather forecasts from Wunderground and Dark Sky

After trying almost everyone of the services mentioned below, for this first version of the Wadvisor app, we have decided to compare the weather forecasts each 3 hours within the first 24 hours and the following 8 days, from Wunderground and Dark Sky for the actual geographical position in which the app is being used.

Wadvisor is only available for iOS on iTunes using the Weather34 product name

We are planning to incorporate all this expertise in our PWS (Personal Weather Station) monitoring apps for mobile devices (myPWS, myMeteobridge, mobAWEKAS and app2000).